Taylor Stitch • Fall 2022 to Spring 2023


I initiated and spearheaded many UI/UX projects for Taylor Stitch. From research to implementation, I worked together with the Digital Stronghold team to create user flows and designs that were accessibility friendly. All the designs were research backed by Baymard.

The breadth of work expands across different touchpoints. Please take a closer look at the image captions and image enlarge to see what each project involved.

Product Page and Homepage Re-Design

There were painpoints in the current PDP design (left) with accessibility issues and information overload for the user. Important information, such as the size and fit, was hidden due to the large bodies of reiterating text. Images were in an automatic carousel and the overall user experience wasn’t as efficient. In the updated version (right), we include breadcrumbs for easier user flows, as well as color swatches and sizing buttons that allowed for better visuals.

For the homepage, there were accessibility concerns, SEO inefficiencies, and site bugs. I collaborated with the Digital Stronghold team to implement a homepage update that would resolve these issues, as well as push the aesthetic design of the brand.

SEO Pages  

I was in charge of designing SEO pages that would help Taylor Stitch’s online presence grow stronger. Below, you can see desktop and mobile designs for both the Summer 2023 Lookbook, Care Guide, and Shirt Guide.